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re: ren’s “apology” on their twitter (mirrored on puush):

they’ve never owned up and said “i hurt these people” and are continuing to dodge around their own deeds. “inadvertent” doesn’t change the fact that it happened.

they are apologising to you, the fans, and not the victims. if they were so concerned, they’d be apologising to us, and not thinking about their public image. remember that it took a public post for them to even acknowledge anything they did to me, and not pin their own manipulative behaviour on me.

also, how do you choke someone inadvertently? how do you inadvertently forget that someone has PTSD and coerce them into sexual situations regardless? how do you inadvertently say “good, you’re not stupid enough to lie about that kind of thing” when referring to obviously forced consent?

also how do you do these things inadvertently when you’d shit on people for doing the same things you’d do? where’s the apology here? where’s the logic here?

their words mean nothing and i’m only enraged by them. why are they apologising to their public, rather than the people they’ve hurt directly.

if they were actually sincere they’d say “i fucked up and hurt people” rather than “i fucked up, but i didn’t mean it so don’t hold me to it!” as they’re doing now. intent means nothing in this situation.

truly garbage.

I was going to stay quiet and in stealth. I didn’t want to be bothered. I don’t like thinking about it. I keep trying to avoid it, I even regretted submitting my account because I didn’t want to have to talk about it more than the once a week visit to my therapist.

But no.

Dave, I know you’re going to see this. I know you went around calling me an angry bitch. You deterred people from talking to me to cover your tracks, telling people I was hateful and vicious and god only knows what else. I know that this tone isn’t helping my case, but I frankly don’t even give half a flying fuck anymore because I am sick of sitting around, feeling guilty and scared and helpless and hating myself for what you did to me. Rationalizing that I’m a terrible person because what you said to and about me, or that I am a broken, degenerate person because—if I wasn’t—then you never would have hurt me.

Congratulations. You caused a self-fulfilling prophecy. I’m sufficiently angry.

You’re not sorry. You’re sorry you got caught. You were never sorry for anything you did unless you got caught. You’re not concerned for the well being of people you have hurt. You turned people against me and cut me off from a fair chunk of people by lying through your teeth to keep the truth from coming out. You tried it on Nishi, too.

"Sorry" only came about when—for the first time—people believed us instead of you.

You’re putting on a show. You’re a performer and a liar. You are manipulating your fans just as much as you manipulated your previous partners. You’re running away from accountability and blaming it on anything else you can. Just like you always do.

Here the facts: You’re a predator. There’s even a pattern of your victims. Don’t think I haven’t been doing my homework since this broke open, because I have been sorting through all of this in a state of confusion, guilt, and repulsion because I need closure.

And you want to call me angry bitch? Oh-ho-ho, it took four years, but here’s your “angry bitch.”

- Rasasha

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